Who We Are


To service the needs of clients we can assist with “tax free” structures such as an English LLP, a Scottish LP, Hong Kong Company + Australian company, as well as “family friendly” trusts. To aid in the retention of privacy we can provide a range of nominee services and solutions that are not obviously nominees. We can also arrange international companies in Vanuatu, where privacy reigns supreme.
For small Funds of any type we can organise “Australian” unit trusts together with support services such Feeder Funds, Share registers, general administration, bookkeeping and high level appointments. Also in Australia to assist in business migration and general business set up for foreigners, including support services.

We can assist qualifying clients to open bank accounts with Euro Pacific Bank, or with International Monetary Group for more active product trading purposes. If neither of these are suitable for your business we have a list of over 50 banks in 25 countries from which you can choose.

Our Partners have diversified qualifications to assist you in multiple fields.