Companies for sale


Our shelf companies for sale are available, many with a bank account already opened, and ready to operate. Many have existing nominees that you can continue using for convenience and privacy, or transfer direct to yourself. 

For a second list of what is available please visit Ready Made Shelf . There you will find companies for sale in over 40 countries but please note that availability changes daily so if your requirement is not shown, please ask. Also your choice from the selection may just have been reserved for someone else.

We have one Scottish LP for sale at a lower price due to a cancelled order, where the bank account is in process of being opened and 3 other companies for sale - click Caribbean Special to see details. 

If you buy a shelf company, when it is due for renewal you may wish to transfer it to our nominee services. Our nominees usually cost less than those provided by many suppliers.


Stock currently being updated due to many sales.