Company Formation - Compare Countries for Your New Corporate Structure

We prefer the use of major countries that have their own individual laws and certain preferences when considering the biggest business expense of taxation. While none of the following are known as tax havens they do have legal structures that permit some tax savings, or may even be exempt from the payment of tax by the entity. There are options in other countries also but these are usually more expensive, or complicated and are not considered by us for these reasons.

Australia Company English LLP Hong Kong, China Scotland LP
Basic cost (registration, fees, registered office/agent etc.) A$900+ £80+ US$950 £88
Does the entity pay tax) yes no on HK profit no
Must entity report to tax authority yes yes / no yes no
Does the entity have to provide annual or accounting returns yes yes / no yes no
Financial reports must be audited yes yes / no yes no
Are Custodian shareholders allowed yes yes yes / no yes

Fee Schedule

  • Your choice of jurisdiction should not be made on the basis of cost alone. The first consideration must always be "what is best for your purposes" i.e. what will the structure be used for. We can help you choose at no cost.
  • Any additional services used will always incur additional costs. Be sure that you understand what these will be.
  • Normally you will need to add courier delivery charges.
  • You may require certifications (Notary, Apostille, Secretarial) to satisfy bankers for example. Be sure that you are aware of the certifications required for business, the availability of such and the cost.

Offshore Country Selection

Country & Type

Basic Package in US$

Professional Package US$

Belize LLC / IBC   



Nevis LLC / IBC



Panama Corp



Dominica IBC



Seychelles IBC        



BVI Corp



Vanuatu IC (IBC)



Above information is for general guidance only. For best quotation please advise your specific requirements.