Australian Company

WE CAN PROVIDE you with a basic online Australian company registration together with the support services that you may need. Of particular interest to those who: -

  • Are foreign business people wanting to expand into Australia, or
  • Seeking investment migration into Australia, or
  • Successful people looking to establish home and business in Australia, or
  • Australians commencing a new business at home, or overseas.

 Support services including:-

  • opening a business bank account,
  • appointment of resident director or professional working director
  • assistance to purchase, or lease a corporate office,
  • provision of a virtual office,
  • local Australian staff,
  • your new business website,
  • telephone, internet and other communications services,
  • Migration specialists
  • Audit, accounting and bookkeeping services.

Our experience (since 1983) with international company incorporation services enables us to act as your representatives in Australia,

  • in case you are immigrating and need a fully operational business already set up before you arrive,
  • for you to set up in preparation for your new business in Australia meeting all of the local requirements,
  • setting up and operating to your instructions a reputable Australian Agency company for international trading purposes.

Full support, which may include Resident Director, Public Chartered Accountant, Registered Office address, Business address, registration with the requisite authorities and more is available to meet your specific requirements.

Please see the specialist website for more complete details.